Choosing the Bets As Per the Requirement in Sports

It is advisable for bettors to be aware of their importance in order to avoid mistakes, fluctuations or problems. You can always contact a company representative who will best explain a term, but we have decided to create a handy guide containing some of the basic terminology of the bets. We have selected names commonly used in the sports betting world.

Accumulator / Accumulator / ACCA

We start with a commonly used term, mostly by tipsters and sports analysts. Accumulators are multiple bets known to Bulgarian consumers as a straight column. They combine two or more markets to increase the overall odds. In some bookmakers there is a limit on the maximum number of events in one coupon.

Asian Handicap

A market is becoming more and more popular among home users. It differs from the usual handicap, where bettors can return their bet under certain circumstances. The other major difference lies in the formation of the handicap. It can be for or against a team, and Asian Handicap types are 0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 and 1. There are partial winnings or losses depending on which option you choose.

Ante post bets

This term is used in horse racing bets. It means a feature bet or bet made before the start of the event, usually a day earlier.

Arbitrage bets

These bets are not recommended because the bookmaker is able to block your account if he / she finds similar action. Arbitrage bets guarantee you a secure win if you find a difference in odds between two bookmakers. For example, if for a tennis match you get a mark of 1 and a mark of 2 over a 2.00, you can bet the same amount and you will certainly win, no matter what the final outcome of the match.

Beth Slip

At some betting sites you may encounter this term. This is a name replacing the Bulgarian word “talon”. It shows you what your selected events are. It is usually located in the right menu of .


Double or Double or Nothing

Literally translated means “double or nothing”, i.e. you either double your stake or you lose your stake.


You probably met him in English bookmakers. Equality is only valid for sports played on a regular basis. The betting company, for example, does not provide a tie for basketball bets, but respects the outcome of the game after the game runs.


This is the competitor or team expected to win, according to the odds provided by the bookmakers. In some cases, superiority is tangible, then rates close to the unit are proposed.


Used for racing and horse racing. This bet aims to predict the first two in the final standings.

Grand Slam / Grand Slam Tournaments

These are the four most elite races in tennis and golf. ATP and WTA calendars include the Australian Open, Wimbledon, Roland Garros and the US Open. The most prestigious golf tournaments included in the Grand Slam are the British Open, the US Open, the Masters and the PGA championship.

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